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“Hula Hoop Shows Physical Activity And Exercise 3d Rendering” by Stuart Miles

I thought I was finished with the blog. And then I found a comment (months later) from someone who is following my progress closely as our stories are so similar. How can I abandon her? Or I find out something new on a page. I can’t isolate myself. I need people. Those who understand. Even those who don’t.

Overwhelm was what it was. Could you ever spin hula hoops, around your waist, in different directions at the same time? I don’t think I could when I was a kid and I certainly can’t now. We still have meltdowns about all the on-going changes in our life. But we come back to our original decision and leave it in God’s hands.

Yesterday I had the blood test that will determine if the elevated ammonia level is a one/off or needs further investigation. At the six month mark, everything was where it should be except ammonia.

I am a little disappointed in my lack of energy and stamina. I read somewhere it takes two years to feel the full benefit of the protocol. I’m 25% of the way there. And when we move, the stress will be reduced and I’ll have a healthy meal every day as well as an exercise room available. Perhaps that is when I will notice a substantial difference.

These days I’m tired. I typically go to bed between 8:30 and 9. Like a little kid. My body wakes me up at 5. I’m trying to do more activities. Tomorrow is bible study. I’ve missed months of class but that’s okay. That’s what I mean about church groups being understanding. They don’t take your absence personally. Especially here  where we have  a very seasonal population. And there’s a dinner dance on Friday. When I said we’re coming, my friend at church said, “Awesome.” She’s the kind of people I need around me.

The cog fog comes and goes. I can be clear as a bell or clear as mud, sometimes even in the same conversation! The skin on my feet is softening and thinning and going back to normal. I believe that was a side effect of the higher dose. This week, the mornings are forecast to be warm. High 60s/70. We haven’t had a real cold snap yet so I can’t report on how the d is doing there.

It also seems to me the d is helping postmenopausal symptoms. Again, I wouldn’t know how to measure but the urologist might have some insight. Could it possibly have a hormonal boost? I’m not feeling it in the libido department. I’ll ask the Naples doctors. Despite all the water I drink, I feel that I can hold more for a reasonable period of time. About every 40-60 minutes. Less urgency. Easier to void completely. My nails are not brittle as they have always been. My hair is  thicker and shinier.

I’ll be back when I get the ammonia level and let you know what that means.


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