Six month appointment recap

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The doctor is pleased. First, he went through the tests. The only thing off was my ammonia level which he said can change a lot depending on what has been consumed before the test. I’ll have that tested again next week. My vitamin d level is 435!

During the previous three months, I was on 110K/day and struggled. Something developed on my feet (fungus? psoriasis?). The MS hug grabbed me painfully, too. The feet cleared up with anti-fungal ointment and other creams I had in the vanity. I increased the Klonopin from my usual 1-1/2 to 2 for the Hug and felt sedated most of the time.

Doc told me to lower the d to 90K. When I first started the protocol, I was told to take 90K the first week and then 70K.  The 90 felt great. The 70 felt a little low but I continued until the three month consultation when the dose was raised to 110. I wanted my system to notice the change so I dropped to 70 (thinking for a week) but my body really noticed the lack and I was exhausted and depressed immediately. I had no idea it mattered that much to my well being!

I went back to 90 the next day and by the end of the day I was feeling better and have continued to improve. I’m doing well on the diet and water. Now, I have to start walking regularly so the osteoporosis doesn’t get worse. All in all, a great report.

I notice that my autonomic nervous system has improved and I don’t feel the drop in temperature as drastically as I have in the past. My lungs feel stronger (I have asthma). I’m not sure any of this would be measurable but feeling better doesn’t need a badge as far as I’m concerned.

There is lots of stress in my life at the moment, unfortunately. The directions for the protocol are to keep stress low during this period. Sometimes life intervenes and this is one of those times. We’re selling our house and moving to a retirement community. Gulp! My spiritual director of ten yeas died the middle of November. The weather is changing. The holidays are here. I try to remember to breathe deeply now and then to calm myself.

I still consider this protocol my cure so NOTHING is a problem nor do I feel deprived without my hot chocolate and whipped cream. I’ve stopped eating meat. I always tended toward the vegetarian end of the spectrum so no meat is not a problem. I’ve had no obvious dairy – ice cream, cheese, butter. I do eat cookies. Yup. I am that monster. I also eat bread now and then. I have found there is a fairly wide path as far as diet. Or, maybe it’s all that water I drink every day. Three liters. My advice there is to start early and be half finished by 9 or 10 a.m. That gives me the rest of the day to finish. I’ve never been a coffee or tea drinker but have become a tea drinker as the warm water goes down so much more easily.

Six months in and I do not find it a difficult protocol to follow. I’m hoping it’s my answer. So far, so good.

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