Off to the races!


Saturday morning Nick and I got up at 5 a.m. to walk/run in a 5K charity event. I wasn’t sure I could walk for an hour+ in the heat and humidity. Instead, I and many others walked the mile route around the lake at Downtown at the Gardens. The Harvest Moon smiled down on us as the sun rose. A morning to remember.

The name of the race was Friends of the Poor. I also walked, as my t-shirt shows, for my beautiful granddaughter who gets cuter every day and will some day call me Mimi. And the orange (the color for MS support) butterfly corsage courtesy of my friend, Jill. Teal and gray sneakers finished me off, with teal the color of support for trigeminal neuralgia especially for Kim and the other ladies and gentlemen of great courage and endurance.

I started my 18th week on the Coimbra Protocol. I have gradually gained back much of the energy and stamina I had when I first started in May. To even think about participating in an event such as today would have been impossible a few months ago. This week I will get back to the gym. Plug in the exercise piece of the protocol.

I still struggle with the food. I have not had obvious dairy like milk, cream, butter. But I do have a sweet tooth that only cookies will satisfy. There used to be ice cream frequently but no more.  I dislike the whole process and usually don’t have the energy (physical or creative) to make meals. I lose my appetite. A protein shake with greens seems do-able. I’ve lost eight pounds. My body has acclimated to the increased fluid intake. My bladder works better. The tone is improved. I can go longer between visits to the ladies’ room and I think fewer times during the night. But I would need an observer because I’m more than half asleep.

There is something on my foot that looks like psoriasis or eczema. I have an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow, as per Coimbra doctor’s suggestion.  I have dry skin – hands and feet, especially – which is surprising with all the fluid I drink and the humidity of south FL. During this period of increased vitamin d I have had a flare of the MS hug. It’s almost gone now but hung around for a month. Maybe I’m having a flare of Sjogren’s with the dryness?

My emotional energy and stamina are better. Not so much fatigue or depression. I’m strict about bedtime. No later than 10. I wake early: 5 or 6. If I’m lucky I might make it until 7. Everything about me is at its best early in the morning. I’m still napping and needing plenty of sleep. I’m waiting patiently (not) for the fatigue to let up. Everything else is as promised. I believe this is my cure.

Photo courtesy of my friend Jim Howell




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  • Cindy says:

    Great encouraging news! Some day I will find my “cure”. Hopefully sooner than later. By the way you look great!

    • Kate says:

      Never give up hope. Keep looking/trying. I’ve been at this for 45 years! Lots of dead ends and cul de sacs along the way. It’s all a learning experience. Life.

  • Teresa says:

    I have been on the protocol for 3 months and I am also suffering from skin issues. Very dry feet and some small white bumps on the inside of my knees. I saw that another Vit D Facebook group member had mentioned that they problem may be that the vitamin D vs vitamin A balance might be skewed and so my naturopath agreed that we will try supplementing with 3000iu of vitamin A. Perhaps that might help you too!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks for the info, Teresa. I went to the dermo and she thought it was fungus. Still looks like psoriasis to me but I put the anti-fungal cream on four times a day and it’s almost gone – in three days?? I’m not your typical anything. Sick person. Well person. Crazy person.

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