Moving on down the road

nick&kate on cape

This picture was taken before we were married. A long, long time ago! Now, after 40 years, we’re moving on. Into a CCRC Continuous Care Retirement Community. I’m glad and relieved but most of me still feels like a kid.

Our new place¬†will provide us with one meal a day (or whatever meal plan one chooses), a clean apartment every week, wash sheets and towels, and community. I will be the youngest one in the place. For a while, I’m guessing. Everyone is nice and friendly. It’s four miles from our current house.

We’ve been busy with the requirements for entrance and clearing out our house. I have a month yet to wait until the 6-month doc appt when I will find out how I’ve been doing on the protocol and the dose might be changed. I’m tired much of the time but I am also able to do the necessary things before I collapse.

It’s 8:30 a.m. and I’ve had 1-1/2 liters of water already. I try to get it down before 9 as it takes me the rest of the day to get the other 1-1/2 liters into me. Never a tea or coffee drinker, I drink three or four cups of Red Rose tea each morning to jump start my innards!

The fungus or whatever is on my feet has improved but not gone entirely. I’ve had to increase the Klonopin to the dosage amount. Otherwise I have melt downs that are no fun for anyone. I rest in the afternoon – which helps a lot – but haven’t slept this week.

I was supposed to keep the stress very low during this time. So much for that! Big decisions and changes keep me on my toes. I’ve lost eight pounds over the five months. I think my body benefits from no dairy and all the water. Nick says he doesn’t see any difference from before I started. I still have the same ups and downs. I can’t afford to see things that way. I believe I will have improved health. I have to maintain hope.And remember that it’s a process that takes time. Nick will stick with me as long as I want to keep going.

Sooooo…..on we go.

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  • Evelynne McCormick says:

    I watch your page very closely as our stories are so similar, age wise etc. I thank my God for your honesty.Evelynne.

    • Kate says:

      Thank you, Evelynne. I’m sorry it took me so long to answer. I thought I gave FB up. But for people like you…I appreciate you.

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