June 12 Week 5

“Burning Candle ” by nuchylee

I’m one month into the Coimbra Protocol with astounding results. But, never one for moderation, I had a busy week and could feel the energy drain out of me by Friday afternoon. Four out of five days I was in the pew next to Nick at 8 am Mass. Bible study started Thursday night.

Sunday, I expressed an interest and was immediately gathered into the arms of the Columbiettes, a Catholic women’s organization that is affiliated with but distinct from the Knights of Columbus. I’ve said this before. I was looking for something to do and church has a project for every skill or energy level. They’re happy to see me when I am able. And pray for me when I am not. Best of both worlds.

I also walked a few times on the treadmill at the gym and did the machine-circuit for a second time. Tomorrow, I will begin again. I need the spark back. I listen to my body even when it gives me instructions I would rather not follow. “Take it easy, Kathleen. Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Familiar words from my childhood.

Just as soon as I feel well, I am challenged by cross country travel. But for the very best of reasons. A grandchild. Godspeed, Little One. We can’t wait to meet you and will be there asap after your arrival.

According to what I’ve read, the level of vitamin d does not stabilize for two months. If I labeled things as such, I might call these short spasms of funk a relapse. This one is of shorter duration and as usual, the fatigue and depression go together. Up or down. Always together.

Gathering with my friends at church is one of the main reasons I undertook this Protocol. Which then led to the gym because the walking requirement  can be done here in south FL only in the  cool of the early morning which conflicted with Mass time. Open 24 hours a day during the week, the gym is air conditioned and filled with fans. I walk two miles in forty minutes and don’t even break a sweat. Thanks, Sjogren’s! The gym is minutes from my house.

I have not been able to walk on a treadmill – or anywhere else – like this in years. I would look at my legs and marvel because they looked like they always had looked. And all the required parts were there and working. But they got slower and slooowwwwerrrr until they stopped for a rest.  My left leg has always been and continues to be weaker than my right. Doesn’t everyone have something for which they are compensating?

I can see in the faces of my friends that I am improved greatly. I think I can see it when I look in the mirror. All that water combined with no dairy? My body is wondering what took me so long to find this way of life.

“Burning Candle ” by nuchylee, courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

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