Backing in to re-entry

  Do you admit to yourself that you’re depressed? Do you hide it? Steer clear of it? Sink into it? Have a mask at the ready? Write about it? How do I feel that the protocol I hoped would give me …Continue reading →

Moving on down the road

This picture was taken before we were married. A long, long time ago! Now, after 40 years, we’re moving on. Into a CCRC Continuous Care Retirement Community. I’m glad and relieved but most of me still feels like a kid. …Continue reading →

The calm before the storm

It’s a warm, sunny morning. According to the weather maps, we’re in for Hurricane Matthew. We will pull the storm shutters and hunker down in place. Our poured concrete house should be able to stand whatever comes along. We may …Continue reading →

The shadow of your pain…

The storms passed us by although we did have plenty of rain on our not-quite-completed roof. We were to have dinner with friends Tuesday night but she had a migraine. The pressure, I asked. Yes. She’s as sensitive to the …Continue reading →

Working on the protocol

It’s not easy to get three liters of water into me every day (protocol calls for 2.5L+). I start immediately upon awakening with a cup of tea and a full glass of water. I go for the 3 L because …Continue reading →

June 12 Week 5

I’m one month into the Coimbra Protocol with astounding results. But, never one for moderation, I had a busy week and could feel the energy drain out of me by Friday afternoon. Four out of five days I was in …Continue reading →

May 31 Week Three

This afternoon I’m joining a gym. They have treadmills and air conditioning which will make my exercise enjoyable instead of leaving me with a very red face from the FL heat. I can get off the treadmill when I’ve had …Continue reading →

May 25/26 Days Twelve/Thirteen

I have progress to report. Today (May 25), for the first time since before I went to Naples, I got up and went to 8 a.m. Mass and, afterwards visited with my friends at Dunkin Donuts. This was a self-imposed …Continue reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

You know how you think you know things? And then suddenly, you come to know something and realize everyone else already knew it. And had watched in pain while you went through the learning process. Attitude. My daughter called to …Continue reading →

On my way…!

Last week I had the bone density baseline test for the Vitamin D protocol. This morning, I delivered to the lab the two containers shown above, containing 24-hour urine collection. Make sure when they give you the containers – get …Continue reading →

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