Multiple sclerosis

Status 1-3-14

More than three months ago, my friend, Lori, started us on the road to conscious eating. With her suggestions and help, we have managed to keep going and my GI track works better. I’m finally getting five to nine servings …Continue reading →

Happy New Year

Gratitude At Mass this morning, the priest said we can’t be happy unless we’re grateful. Every morning I’m going to be consciously grateful. Through the day, I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for the things for which …Continue reading →

Merry Christmas

Out of the Blue

For years I have thought that once we connect with another, we become magnetized, drawn to them in sometimes odd places. We might meet again on a street in Paris, Faneuil Hall in Boston, or the produce section of Whole …Continue reading →

The Accidental Vegan

Our relationship began when I called from my cell phone and two minutes later the garage door went up. At the door from garage to house, we exchanged our goods. She gave me a bag of breast milk. I gave …Continue reading →

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