Six month appointment recap

  The doctor is pleased. First, he went through the tests. The only thing off was my ammonia level which he said can change a lot depending on what has been consumed before the test. I’ll have that tested again …Continue reading →

Moving on down the road

This picture was taken before we were married. A long, long time ago! Now, after 40 years, we’re moving on. Into a CCRC Continuous Care Retirement Community. I’m glad and relieved but most of me still feels like a kid. …Continue reading →

The six month tests for Coimbra Protocol

Sunday I chose as the day to do the 24-hr urine collect. I was not completely successful – I missed one!! – but the docs said they would make adjustments and I did not have to start again. The blood …Continue reading →

After the storm

I wish I could figure out how to put a picture on here with my new computer. You’ll have to imagine. I was exhausted from recent activities and slept 8-8. Oh, the benefits of pulling the shutters and a dark …Continue reading →

Here comes Matthew!

To all, Please pray for us. Our house is buttoned up with storm shutters and garage brace. We have food and water for at least three days. We’ve done everything we can do to be safe (except leave!). I’ll get …Continue reading →

The calm before the storm

It’s a warm, sunny morning. According to the weather maps, we’re in for Hurricane Matthew. We will pull the storm shutters and hunker down in place. Our poured concrete house should be able to stand whatever comes along. We may …Continue reading →

Grateful for the roof over our heads

I’m surprised I’m so pleased with our new roof. It took just over two weeks to install. I was not feeling well and we stayed home the entire time and the noise wasn’t bad! ¬†Pretty, isn’t it?

Off to the races!

Saturday¬†morning Nick and I got up at 5 a.m. to walk/run in a 5K charity event. I wasn’t sure I could walk for an hour+ in the heat and humidity. Instead, I and many others walked the mile route around …Continue reading →

Labor Day

This was a day I came to look forward to when I lived on the Jersey Shore. The population of our town would shrink down from 25K to the year-round 5K pretty much over night. It felt delicious to wake …Continue reading →

Happy Labor Day – Free book for you

Muddling Through MS    

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