Backing in to re-entry

  Do you admit to yourself that you’re depressed? Do you hide it? Steer clear of it? Sink into it? Have a mask at the ready? Write about it? How do I feel that the protocol I hoped would give me …Continue reading →

Who knows?

Someone knew exactly what I was talking about !!!!! We showed our apartment to  prospective customers as a favor to the sales team. The woman asked me if there was anything I didn’t like about our new home. There really …Continue reading →

Irritated Nerves (April 10 2017)

We have moved. Diximus movetur in Latin. Nick and I have a running joke about  “Habemus Papam”. We have a pope. When our granddaughter was born, we looked at each other and said, “Habemus Emma.” We’ve ‘habemused’ many people and …Continue reading →

Feeling beat up (April 6, 2017)

I’m sitting here watching myself breathe. Trying to figure out why I am having such a hard time writing a post. Am I depressed? Yes. Exhausted? Yes. Discouraged? Yes. I’m over 300 on this stress scale:   and I’m feeling …Continue reading →

Fridays are full of promise (February 23 2017)

The other day I came around the corner of the closet, cutting it too close in my bare feet, and jammed my left pinkie. Wow did that hurt. It’s surprising how many functions that small digit performs. And how often it …Continue reading →

A year on Coimbra

I wrote posts and parts of posts in the last few months. For one reason or another, I hesitated to publish them. I was honored and humbled (not to mention surprised) to see so many comments this morning. I am …Continue reading →

Am I better?

One of the losses of chronic illness is perspective. Have I improved on the Coimbra High Vitamin d Protocol? The progress has been subtle and often as invisible as ms symptoms. I have few sturdy markers against which to measure. …Continue reading →

The days after…

I took the lower dose one day and forgot the next, taking the high dose again. And I felt it. My nervous system was itchy. The wart and boil felt like they were getting worse. So much for toggling! I’m staying …Continue reading →

Sometimes it’s an uphill battle The link above is to the protocol I’ve been following for eight months. I haven’t written a post in quite a while. Yesterday I had a mini crash and realized the high dose of d that I have been …Continue reading →

Too many balls in the air

  I thought I was finished with the blog. And then I found a comment (months later) from someone who is following my progress closely as our stories are so similar. How can I abandon her? Or I find out …Continue reading →

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