Am I better?

Profit Loss And Risks Dice by Stuart Miles

One of the losses of chronic illness is perspective. Have I improved on the Coimbra High Vitamin d Protocol? The progress has been subtle and often as invisible as ms symptoms. I have few sturdy markers against which to measure.

Last night Nick and I were talking about grocery shopping. I reminded him that there were years when I did not have the energy to go out of the house much less go shopping. Then, I progressed to going with him but remaining in the car while he went in and bought the groceries. These days I am able to go into the store and shop. Sometimes I even stop in CVS while he’s in the grocery store. I don’t need to count my steps, unsure of where the wall is before I hit it and collapse.

In the past month, I’ve shopped for clothes in the store. It is definitely more effective to try things on and have a choice rather than settling for what looked good in the catalog but not so much on me when the package arrived. Just trying on clothes used to wear me out completely.

The afternoon nap remains a necessity most days despite getting eight to ten hours at night. I am never far from sleep and literally go out like a light when I lie down. We have been eating at the Waterford for over a month and the first 30 days, I made it 28. The hygiene routine, dressed, out the door and socializing. That is something I haven’t done in years. I could almost have a job!

The wart on my arm is drying up with the Tea Tree Oil applications. The boil is gone. This lower dose of vitamin d seems to suit me.

I used to score it a victory if I could remain vertical for most of the day. Now, that is so normal to me that I forget to count that as one of my blessings.

Forty five years of ms does not go away over night.

I have to notice and appreciate the little things…..




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