About the Book


Now Available: Muddling Through MS: 40 Years of Doing It My Way

BK00017353Those with MS and the people whose lives they touch will find this book helpful in understanding the wide ranging effects with a firsthand look at what it is like to live day after day, year after year with the disease. Written by a woman who is still walking after more than 40 years, the author paints a full and encouraging picture of how it is possible to have a satisfying life despite illness. Kathleen Scully Aquilino experienced the first symptom while in college but was not officially diagnosed until she was 44. Through the growing number of ailments and afflictions her mysterious disease brought, she kept going. Working, Marrying. Making a home. Adopting and raising a daughter. The delay in diagnosis actually did a great deal to help her stay positive and active. There are some lessons here in the power of expectations.

However, this book is more than about taking an alternative path to dealing with MS. It’s about a life learning to cope with loss: The legacy of grief as both Kate’s parents and an older sister died between her 17th and 23rd birthdays. Auto-immune reactions resulting in both infertility and uveitis. A seemingly mild fender bender triggering a case of trigeminal neuralgia that, besides the incredible pain, left her unable to bear the light or open her mouth to ingest food for six weeks.

Intense and long-term psychotherapy dealt with the grief. Years of invasive and ineffective infertility treatments were followed by an international adoption. Treating her eye issues with breast milk – a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory – provided by nursing mothers help keep the eye issues at bay. All accompanied by a reservoir of Faith and a never-stop-trying spirit.

Putting these all together, Kate takes the reader on a truly remarkable journey.